Cracks & distortions

The following is a case study of an older (over 20) Warmblood gelding that had a long history of quarter cracks and toe cracks (both fronts). The shoeing he came to me with was steel bar shoes with rocked toes and wedge pads. I shod the horse with bar shoes and pads and although there was a great improvement in the LF, the RF continued to be problematic in that it never grew in length and continued to have a dropped sole. He was changed to plastic shoes (EponaShoe) with impression material for frog and sole support. After just two cycles in these shoes, the RF had started to grow and the sole no longer had a dropped appearance. The after photos are after approximately 4 cycles in the EponaShoes. The quarter cracks and toe cracks have grown out, but are patched for cosmetic reasons (the cracks have been a problem for so long that there are permanent distortions in the hoof wall). This particular horse’s shoes are glued on and no nails are added, which has greatly improved the overall quality of his feet.